Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Three Steps to Forgiveness

How many of us find our lives poisoned by the inability to forgive?
We know how difficult it is to cultivate inner peace without
forgiveness, and yet many of us find ourselves holding on to anger
and resentment instead.

This simple approach to forgiveness invites us to begin thinking
about the issue in a different way. Find out the three “A’s”
of forgiveness, and begin the process:

What is denied cannot be forgiven.
Awareness of our inner world is as important as awareness of our outer world.
Our egos will fight our attempts to become more aware of our darker sides.
Watch thoughts without judgment–develop a “compassionate witness.”
The ability to watch thinking means we are not our thoughts.

What you resist persists.
Acceptance dissolves guilt.
Acceptance invites healing and change.
Change is feared and can block forgiveness.

Awareness and acceptance are our responsibility.
A genuine desire for peace invites healing.
Our inner guide completes the forgiveness process and will choose the form forgiveness takes: our job is to surrender to its guidance.

Something has to die in order for us to begin to know our truths.
–Adrienne Rich

Adapted from The Findhorn Book of Forgiveness, by Michael Dawson (Findhorn Press, 2003).

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