Friday, December 09, 2011

To find MR RIGHT, look at YOU first!

To Find Mr. Right, Look At YOU First

The 5 Keys to Finding HIM are:

M - Me and Me first.
A -
Assess your list.
S -
Shed your stuff.
T -
Time to get out and Trail blaze.
R -
Real women find their man.

Today, we're exploring the final piece of the puzzle, how REAL WOMEN find their man. The truth is that as we get older, the ratio of single men to women begins to favor men. That means there's a lot of competition, especially for the confident, healthy, relationship-minded man you want to meet. That good man has a lot of options – and I want You to be the one he chooses!

In Key #4, Time to Get Out and Trail Blaze , I wrote about how to make that initial connection with a man. That can be momentary, so after that (if you like him) you want to keep him interested and intrigued. That's what makes him want to see you again and again.

I teach this at length to my private coaching clients and in my Master the Mystery of Meeting Men after 40 telecourse. Today I want to give you the most important ingredient: Connect with him.

This can actually be easy: we just tend to make it difficult. The most important part of connecting with a man is being the real you. Women can expend so much energy trying to twist like a pretzel to fit what we think men want us to be. It's crazy because, first, we are often wrong about what men want. Second, men – the mature, smart ones who know something about women – can see right through the charade…and it's a huge turn-off.

If you seem to be holding back or acting a part, he's going to assume you're either insecure in who you are or are hiding something. He will assume he's not meeting the real you, and you will not make a connection. Hence one of my very favorite quotes:

"Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed." ~ Albert Einstein


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