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A new campaign by "Husband Obeience Club" - NUISANCE & TROUBLESOME people.

Husband Obedience Club Launches Campaign "Sex Personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam"

You have heard Husband Obedience Club?

If not, the authors want to little of their background.

The club has 1,000 members worldwide, including 800 people in this country (Malaysia).

It established the Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd, which were linked with al-Arqam.

The first club was launched in Jordan. Now there is already a club in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Apparently the company was planning organizations to establish similar clubs in Europe including London and Rome in the future.

To your knowledge, time of incident, the club Posted at start creating controversy.

What least, earlier Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Rohaya wife reminds the husband to submit and serve as' first-class prostitutes.

He said that a wife must obey and serve her husband as 'a first-class prostitutes' to ensure their partner is not trapped in various unhealthy symptoms, including the search for outside entertainment, domestic violence and abandonment.

"Responsibility and wife not only for cooking, cleaning the house and be a mother but also involving the sexual aspect. Men married to women who are equal to or far better than prostitutes (in bed), then there would not cheat.

"Lust is much greater men than women and can not be ignored. From left them mired in sin, a wife should do whatever it takes to meet the desires of her husband.

"Therefore, our responsibility is to help his wife to be more faithful to the husband. A wife is to meet four conditions to enter heaven - obligatory prayers, fasting during Ramadan, to protect the dignity of himself and obey her husband, "she said.

Not enough controversy, they published a booklet about sex on "Sex Muslim, Jewish War Against Islamic Sex To Return To The World."

But the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) to ban sex handbook.

Publication of the book is said to be the guide of the club and those who are married, among others, tells the story of husband-wife relationship in the spirit in which the husband can do together with his wife.

115 pages thick book is produced Hatijah Aam or her Jah, who is also the wife of the former leader of Al-Arqam, Asaari Muhammad also claimed that when the world thought Asaari or Abuya had died, his followers are now championing the rise of Islamic sex.

And most recently, Husband Obedience Club launched the "Holy Prophet of Islam Sex Personality" Prophet Muhammad's birthday celebration this year.

The 12-day campaign (starting today), is to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad on February 5 next, or 12th Rabiul Awal Islamic calendar.

According to its president, Fauziah Ariffin, the campaign was held to invite Muslims, especially a married couple to adopt the life of the Prophet.

He said many "Muslims have been too far with the Prophet."

"Of course the models (the Prophet) as a guide and it includes aspects of family worship even including their sex life. Of course, any mention of the case of many who have forgotten the sacred sexual about it falling in the case of husband and wife, something we do day-to-day.

"In ordinary life it is not something that controversial, but we had too much to Allah, so we want to invite Muslims to support implementing true Islamic life in addition, if we see a lot of unhealthy phenomenon is happening now," he told reporters after launching the campaign " Person of the Holy Prophet of Islam Sex "Rainbow Trade Center, Damansara here.

Clearly Fauziah in The Malaysian Insider, where Muslims perform the Islamic principles of life with all the symptoms berlandasakan homosexuals can be avoided.

"If we look now openly married men and women married women," she said.

Earlier in his opening address, Fauziah said Islam permits sex done but it must be "pure sex" between husband and wife.

"Sex is allowed unlimited original, not like gay sex show and should not encroach norms, nor free sex in violation of the order of God.

"We feel a responsibility to encourage Muslims implement Islamic life, the husband is the leader and his wife are followers, but seems to have failed our people," he said.

Good. The author does not intend to give their own judgments on what the club is doing and what the club is doing.

The author believes that you as a reader would have its own views and opinions about it.

However, naming the Prophet as the leader of a fixed sex of the author of the act which can not be accepted!

Perhaps the club could see 'leadership qualities' in the question he just .... Or what?

[source: ( By Syahril A. KADIR]

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