Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spiritual Sicknesses – Jealousy

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One of the most harmful spiritual sicknesses affecting us is the evil quality of jealousy. Nabi (SAW) said jealousy will eat-up your good deeds like how fire eats-up dry-wood.

Faqih-Abul-Laith has mentioned 4 harms of jealousy.

1. Unending depression.
2. The jealous person is always in problems.
3. Allah is displeased with the jealous person.
4. Such a person will be deprived of obeying Allah.

It was as a result of jealousy that Qaroon died as a kaafir. Also it was due to jealousy that the brother's of Yusuf AS decided to 'get rid' of him. In essence it is one sin which leads to 1000's of others. The poet says when you become jealous over a bounty of your brother, you have actually frowned upon the decision of Almighty Allah.

May Almighty Allah save us from this evil quality and bless us with the ability of always thinking good of others.

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