Monday, June 20, 2011

My new gadget: Libretto

its nearly 2 n half months i bought this laptop. so far, enjoyable! i'm not gamers, dats y i prefer not to hv ipad2. mostly used for work n sumtin useful - blog la...hehe. ini kira beli utk release tension, slps apa yg brlaku. boleh gitu? as long as i'm happy... and worth it!! now i present u... my lovely... libretto!

Sneak peak:
The Libretto is a line of subnotebook computers designed and produced by Toshiba. The line was distinguished by its combination of functionality and small size, squeezing a full Windows PC into a device the size of a hardback book. The first model, the Libretto 20, was released on April 17, 1996, with a volume of 821 cm³ and weighing just 840 g. The original Libretto line was discontinued in Europe and the U.S. in 1999, but the production continued in Japan with the SS, FF and then the L series until 2001. The L series range of Librettos were released in 2001 (in Japan only) and were produced for just 11 months. Production of all Librettos ceased from 2001 until the release of the Libretto U100 in 2005. It was a further 5 years before the Libretto returned again in 2010 with the limited-edition dual touch screen tablet W100 model.

Libretto W100 [Intel Pentium U5400, 1.2 GHz, 2 GB DDR3 RAM(GB max), 62 GB SSD, two 7-inch multi-touch TFT displays with Widows 7 Home Premium. Mass: 819 (with 8-cell battery)

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